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What an awesome shoot I had today - in fact it turned out to be much more than a photoshoot as I travelled across to the new Redmond Community Centre at Woodberry Down in North London to photograph some artwork being produced by kids from the local Community School. They were producing paintings on canvas for #berkeleygroupuk to use on their hoardings at their new development and so I was drafted in (on behalf of Mark Lewis Photography) to photograph the end result. As it happens I ended up helping the kids out a bit after one of the canvasses went a little wrong - with a nice bit of masking and some gradient work in the sky all was rescued and so the photography was pushed aside for a while while we all got covered in paint and created masterpieces - Next week the finished results will be on display so I will be sure to blog again! It was heartwarming so work with such well behaved and polite children who were eager to learn and show off their creative side - Well done #woodberrydownN4 - only downside to the day was the 3 hour drive home in the rush hour! @berkeleygroupUK

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