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I would love to be able to add some of the hundreds of photos I took on Ladies day this year but sadly they are for a private client. Needless to say it was a swanky affair with some colourful outfits and lots of champagne. I did get along to the grandstand to take a few pics as the clouds came over and the thunder struck! So really this pic does it no justice as most of the day was extremely warm and sunny but there are horses and a grandstand so it kinda does what it says on the tin!

Shame the weather changed but it did not do much to dampen peoples spirits - that sadly came later in the evening with the awful terrorist attack at London Bridge, yet another assault on our way of life. As we go to the polls this week it's hard not to reflect on the state of the world and the political situation but how heart warming it was to see the way people came together in the face of adversity - especially at the concert in Manchester. I feel so sad for all of the people who were affected by these atrocities and hope that a solution can be found before anyone else loses their lives, lets hope whoever ends up leading our country in a couple of days time can make some positive changes - the only thing I'd say is that we should be basing our decisions on policies not personalities....

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