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A photographer's most important assets, physically at least are the eyes and the index finger so it was particularly worrying a few years back when I developed diabetic retinopathy meaning I was regularly subjected to painful laser treatment and the worry of going blind. Back in 2013 I was referred to London's Moorfields Eye Hospital after I had a bad bleed in my left eye causing me to temporarily lose sight in it and then just last December I had the same issue in my right eye. On both occasions I needed an operation to fix the problem which was traumatic and meant taking time out of my job. Thanks  to the amazing team at  Moorfiields I now have my sight back and in fact today had a check up. It was music to my ears when the nurse administering my eye drops (to make my retinas go to F1.8) asked me what I was doing here after being able to read the bottom line of the chart with each eye. Being a photographer my eyes are 'trained' having more use than normal because of using lenses a lot so my long distance vision is 20/20. When it comes to short range (i.e.: reading) I'm not so 20/20 in fact I'm positively bat like. I am reliably informed that is due to my age - cheers! A big thank you to Dr. Andrews and the team in clinic 11 for my excellent care. As a result I can still deliver on the photography front and hope to for many years to come. In case you wondered my index finger is fine too! 

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