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DocuVids and Mini Videos

Nowadays with social media being so popular we photographers are venturing into video. I have two products at this stage available - DocuVids and mini vids.


DocuVids - multi media video clips up to ten minutes long which can include images, video clips and artwork. these are provided as MP4 files or via Youtube for maximum convenience. 


MiniVids - these are short videos - usually accompanying a stills shoot - this can be an interview, an overview clip of an event or a short ad. Normally around three minutes long they can be topped and tailed with a logo and credits/info for a professional looking finish


For larger video projects, event coverage and music videos please check out my associates page.


Docuvids and minivids can be produced alongside stills photography but not at the same time. 

Below are a couple of examples of DocuVids.

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