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After a 10 hour flight on a very big and impressive A380 I have arrived in Jo’burg. Last time I was here was in 2002 and it’s fair to say the airport (which is as much as we will see) has changed a bit. The route up to the club lounge is lined with Fancy stores such as Burberry, Boss & Pink and it all feels a little westernised. I am assured that this is probably the last display of luxury I will see other perhaps than tonight’s stop over in Lusaka. A bit minging from sleeping briefly in my clothes I took a shower which went very quickly from boiling hot to freezing cold and am now sitting looking at this view. The next flight is relatively short then after checking in tonight it’s a shopping trip to stock up for the bush - including 150 bottles of water (between 3 of u) plus 6+ bottles of red vino of course 

- more later !

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