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Ok it's been busy!

Ok It's been a bit busy since the Supercar event when I last blogged! In this business it goes that way sometimes. Finally it is slowing down so I have time to update! Hot on the heels of the Supercar event which was a massive success for #childrens_trust I was very lucky to spend an evening wandering around the Palladium during rehearsals for a special 'Sunday Night at the Palladium' in aid of the 'Royal Variety Charity'. Whilst getting lost backstage I bumped into Veteran actor - Robert Powell who was also wandering around trying to find the box office - its like a maze in that place I tell you! Lovely chap and we did eventually find our way! Some amazing names - Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, ((Nowhere to run etc) , Mary Wilson and the hilarious Joe Pasquale, the very talented Sophie Evans, Nick Heywood and my buddies #stavrosflatley & #GeorgeSampson were all in attendance and delighting the crowds. Bradley Walsh was a great host as you would expect and last years BGT winner Richard Jones wowed the full house with his magic! As a photographer I was in my element, as an onlooker I felt lucky to be there!

Soon after I was off to Frensham Pond to shoot the current cover of @surreylife, my favourite magazine and one with which I am very proud to be associated. It also features a 4 page interview that I undertook with the current High Sheriff - Robert Napier - a fascinating and extremely hard working man who is out visiting Surrey organisations almost daily in his role as High Sheriff. He has just returned from Ypres where he was representing Surrey by laying wreaths at Passendale 100 years after the bloody battle that claimed so many lives.

The High Sheriff also recently hosted a garden party at #RHSWisley on a warm summers evening which celebrated his role within the county and showcased some of the organisations he supports, it was a lovely evening and here is an informal pic of him sharing a laugh with actress and former High Sheriff, Penelope Keith.

This all followed some great shoots with #childrens_trust, #therfieldschool, #exxonmobil the RAC club and a lovely prospectus shoot with the Ridgeway Community school in Farnham and during Wimbledon fortnight I was assisting in a shoot with my pal Mark Lewis at an event with 9 times Wimbledon Champion, Martina Navratilova. All this alongside a trip to Scotland, puppysitting, moving house, and deejaying an 80's disco - think I need a holiday! I'll try not to leave it so long next time!!

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