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Wee bit jaded today if I'm honest after witnessing the  Guildford poll count last night till nigh on 3am. Was great to be in on the action though as I went along to the Spectrum Leisure Centre to photograph things as they unravelled. The High Sheriff, Robert Napier was there as the Returning Officer and announced the winning candidate - Anne Milton who held her seat once again for the Conservatives. It has been a very turbulent time in British Politics with a great may twits and turns turns over the past year and it seems there may be more unstable times ahead. My credits go to all the hard working volunteers and officials that worked through the night to ensure everything ran smoothly - not sure the end result nationally was what we were all looking for though .... anyone fancy setting up a colony on a tropical island somewhere? The forecast for the U.K. Looks a little stormy! 

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