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Part of the reason for doing this blog is to showcase my work so here is a cover and photospread from PPD magazine earlier this year. It is always a great feeling when a magazine decides to have your shot on the cover and over the years I have been lucky on that front - this months issue of Surrey Life Magazine features one of my pictures and we photographers do get that little buzz of excitement when we see our work staring back from the magazine shelves in the local supermarket. This particular job was for an industry magazine and was a great shoot with Paul Oakley of 'Firebrand'

My favourite cover though was undoubtedly that of Surrey Life in July 2016 featuring the lovely Judi Dench. One of the most memorable celebrity shoots I have undertaken when the then editor - Caroline Harrap and I spent a pleasant afternoon chatting with Dame Judi over coffee before including some of the animals at the British Wildlife Centre in the shoot.

The prize for the cutest cover shot though has to go to Queenie who appeared on the Dec 2014 issue of Surrey Downs Magazine. Queenie came to my studio several times and was always adorable and looking for some fuss - I think the picture speaks for itself!

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