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This pic was taken about twelve years ago near Monserrat in the Caribbean whilst on a yacht shoot and was a real challenge! the problem was that the photo was about the actual boat so there needed to be detail on the right side which was in shadow! I was positioned in a small tender quite a distance from the Yacht, the driver talking to the captain via walkie talkie to get the position right as we had just a few seconds to get the best of the sunset as the sun dipped below the horizon. As luck would have it there were two super yachts being used in the shoot - the other being anchored off camera to the right. Here was our solution. with a lot of precision the second boat was positioned so the sun would reflect from it and bounce back onto the area in shadow - in effect becoming a huge and very expensive (£30Million plus) reflector! On reflection I was pleased with the result but sadly could not get the reflector in my camera bag to bring home. I had a great time on a couple of occasions in the Caribbean shooting boats like these - after this week long shoot I landed in Gatwick, and had to rush straight to my next job due to a flight delay - doing a medical shoot of someone's verucca being frozen off - that got my feet firmly back on the ground!

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