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I SHOT THE SHERIFF...and I also built him a website, blog and social media feeds!

As a photographer it is important to stay head of the game and offer other services so I was delighted to accept the role of PR Consultant for the new High Sheriff of Surrey - Robert Napier. So far it has included creating a website and linking up social media feeds and a blog to help increase awareness of the role which is an honoured one bestowed upon by HM the Queen to support the Crown & Judiciary dating back to Saxon times. Last week I interviewed our new High Sheriff for Surrey Life Magazine (look out for it in the July edition) and discovered what an interesting and successful career he has had over the years, he has made a difference in many ways making him an ideal person for this latest post. Robert is already tweeting and blogging away, recording the many visits he has to local charities, community groups and events therefore promoting good causes and increasing awareness - you can subscribe to his blog via the website which also has links to the various social feeds -

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