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When it comes to garden parties this is the Queen of them all! Yesterday we were graced with great weather as we arrived at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed the splendour of its surroundings, and some iced coffee, cake n sandwiches while we waited for HRH to join us. It's is definitely one of those occasions where you go the extra mile to fit in so new suit, waistcoat and matching tie & hankie for me and one does feel somewhat special even being there! The fanfare sounded and Our host appeared alongside Prince Phillip, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, Princess Beatrice and a collection of other Royals. A fine selection and they descended the steps and got well and truly stuck in to a walkabout. The Queen looking as splendid as ever in pink came within a couple of feet of us and chatted to a couple of young people - an incredible lady there is no doubt.

Kate appeared next after us changing our position a bit and she seemed relaxed and very chatty as was her husband in a top hat and tails.

Despite this being a royal duty they certainly seemed to enjoy it and were very much at ease amongst the crowds which were skilfully managed by smartly dressed protection staff.

Prince Phillip too seemed vey jovial no doubt being asked a lot about his upcoming retirement just announced a few days ago. The party eventually made it to a private plaza where they got to share tea and cakes with the uber special guests whilst we soaked up the atmosphere and enjoyed ice cream by the lake.

finally the Royal party headed back to the palace en mass down a route lined by guests and a mass of camera phones. A lovely and very special event and for me an honour to be there as a guest and not as a snapper. I have photographed them all on various occasions but it's very different without the work head on!

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