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On arrival at the Sculpture park, tucked away just outside Churt near Farnham you don''t know quite what to expect but perhaps feel a little underwhelmed by the understated entrance - once inside though it's a different story as this magical world opens up before your eyes! At the reception we were informed we would need a couple of hours to see everything on offer and that was no exaggeration with several footpath routes spread over a large area with a surprise around every corner. This is a must see for adults and kids alike and it is so very hard to describe it and do it justice at the same time. Look out for the huge dragon, the house sized eagle and the array of surreal and quirky items hidden amongst the trees. There are skeletons riding bikes, clever mirrored pinnacles and medievil creatures - and lots lots more - a bargain at £10 per person (OAP's £5 which was excellent as I was with Peterpixel - the grand daddy of the surrey camera world) Big thank you to @surreylife for highlighting this incredible place. I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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